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UWG Basketball Player Kadeim Jones Reaches 1,000 Career Points

Two records met in one season. #10 Kadeim Jones makes history and joins only four other UWG players as a member of the 1,000 point club. Since his transfer from Lourdes University in 2019, Jones has made a huge impact in his college career at UWG.

Michael Zabetakis, teammate of Jones, also scored 1,000 points this season while the Wolves went on a six-game win streak. Jones hit the milestone shortly after. Nonetheless, both were huge contributors to the team’s success during the win streak. Even though Jones added a scoring record to his resume, it doesn’t mean anything to him if the team isn’t successful as well.

            “I was never really a basketball player until my freshman year of high school,” said Jones. “I never got to reach 1,000 points in high school so getting it in college was big for me. It was definitely one of my goals going into college basketball.”

Jones has always been a gifted scorer and Coach Dave Moore knew that he would be a valuable piece for the Wolves. In Jones’s sophomore year at Lourdes University, he averaged 17 points a game. In his first season at UWG as a junior, he averaged 15.8 points a game in which he was seventh in scoring in the Gulf South Conference.

“It never really meant anything for me to keep scoring the ball,” said Jones. “If you’re losing, it really doesn’t matter how much you score. To be able to play well and for that to translate into team wins was the biggest thing for me.

            As a graduate student looking to earn his masters in Sport Management, Jones knows what it takes to be successful in college basketball. He understands that the work has to be put in on a consistent basis. He has learned from being at UWG that hard work always pays off.  “The biggest thing that I’ve learned is that you have to put in the work everyday,” said Jones. “You can’t really take any days off if you want to be successful in this sport. You have to work as hard as you possibly can at all times.”



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