UWG Cancels Athletics due to Covid-19

The Coronavirus virus has impacted the world with an infection rate that is increasing. Due to the virus the NCAA canceled all Division 1 and 2 mens and womens 2020 basketball tournaments and all remaining winter and spring seasons. The cancellation affects all championships in the winter and spring, the college baseball world series, NCAA wrestling championship among others.

All conference play was canceled in basketball and all sports on and off campuses. This is the first time these tournaments have been canceled since they started in 1939. Training camps were supposed to start in a few weeks and because of the virus they will no longer go as plan. 

People that have experienced symptoms are ranging from 19-49. Elderly people have a higher risk of getting the disease. When the NCAA made the decision to cancel sports, seniors were given eligibility for another year, though giving an additional year of eligibility to seniors could cost schools a lot of money. 

 Division II schools have less scholarships and less money to work with than big powerhouse schools, so these decisions force schools like UWG to completely alter the foundation of their future plans. Given that nobody knows how long this pandemic will last, there are a lot of things in jeopardy with college sports.



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