Bachelor Peter Weber Finally Speaks Out after Wild Season

Peter Weber recently spoke out two months after the dramatic ending of his season of The Bachelor.  After the airing of the finale, Weber neglected doing any press which is unlike typical bachelor behavior.

The 28 year old pilot served as the lead of ABC’s 24th season of the popular reality show.  Through the dramatic journey Weber narrowed down his options to two women, Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann Sluss.  Prewett and Weber’s relationship was far from perfect, and she ultimately decided to leave him in the final week.  Weber continued dating Sluss and asked for her hand in marriage, to which their break-up follows.  Prewett is then met by producer Chris Harrison, where he informs her that Weber is single again.  The two meet up and decide to give a relationship a shot.

The cast comes back together again on a special one-hour episode after wrapping the production.  The drama continued, and the new couple left many unanswered questions, including family drama that had occurred along the way. Two days later, the pair announced that they had decided to split.

Two months later, Weber finally spoke out.  He joined Nick Viall, a former lead for the franchise, where he shares some insight from his last few months off camera and what actually went down between him and Prewett. 

Weber touches on his decision on breaking up with Sluss shortly after their engagement.  He says that he was not ready to move on after Prewett abruptly left, struggling with a lack of closure.

He then touches on the drama surrounding he and Prewetts’ relationship.  During the final weeks of his season, both girls met Weber’s family.  His family did not feel that Prewett was a good fit for Weber, because they lead very different lifestyles, with the main difference being focused on religious boundaries. Weber said that difference alone did not have a deciding factor in their breakup.

Weber also touches on his recent love life.  He was recently seen out with another woman from his season, Kelley Flanagan, as reported by TMZ.  Weber had sent Flanagan home mid-season, but Bachelor fans were not surprised to see them together, as she was a favorite.  The two were also thought to be quarantining together, after the recent shut down in California due to COVID-19.  Weber fired back to rumors saying they are not dating, although he would not be against it in the future.  He says that he is taking it slow, especially after his whirlwind of a season.



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