UWG Shutdown

The University of West Georgia consists of a diverse student population ranging from students doing study abroad, foreign exchange programs and even out of state, that cannot afford a crisis such as the Coronavirus. Many of these students depend on the university for not only an education but food and shelter.

This has become impossible to achieve for most students since March 13. The students living on campus were ordered to evacuate the premises for the remainder of the semester with no prior knowledge. Some of these same students also make up the working staff and have been given an opportunity to stay on campus only to continue their jobs.

“I’m with my supervisor and other employees up until 4 p.m. most of the time,” said UWG student Joshua Hill. “Then, it’s all on me in my dorm room, but in a way, I like it like that.”

With the university being closed, it would be assumed that means ALL buildings. In accommodating the remaining students’, they allowed some buildings to open during certain hours.

“The school helps somewhat by keeping some of the places open, like Market Fresh Deli, to substitute meal plans,” said Hill.

Although these actions have proven to be what’s best for the students, the timing was just not right. The news came about fast and left no time for waiting. Not all students can just up and go. Many don’t have transportation let alone gas money to even get home.

“I felt that it was unfair that we were told to move out the same day they wanted us to,” said UWG student Brittany Hall. “They only gave us until 5 p.m., so I had to make some quick decisions in a short period of time.”

With most on-campus students being rushed to return home, a lot of personal belongings had to be left in the dorms.. The students have been informed about how to retrieve the rest of their things, but they are only being allotted two hours to finish packing up their rooms which is not a lot of time to some.

This crisis has already affected the students and their education in drastic ways. Now they are expected to figure out the best way to finish off the semester with seniors unsure if their graduation commencement will even take place. The only advice is to keep pushing and to work smart.

“I think the rest of the semester will really just be boring yet crazy since we have to just stay at home,” said Hall. “Even though it is for our health I’m just mad to not be able to fully experience my junior year. “On top of that our assignments require hands-on learning, so I don’t know how that will play out for the remainder of the semester,” Hall continued. “I really do hope that it all goes well at the end with everyone passing.”



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