UWG Student Employment: Part-Time Jobs for Students

If you are a student at UWG looking for employment opportunities, career services have numerous job openings which can be accessed through the student employment portal on the University website. Through the portal, students are able to search, preview and browse through all the jobs offered on campus to find what is best suitable for them.

If the student finds a position they are interested in, the portal will then prompt the student to log in or create an account where they can apply for different jobs, upload a resume, keep track of their applications, and communicate with potential employers. The applicant portal can also be accessed through a desktop, laptop, or any mobile device. Search agents on the website can match students up with positions that specifically align with their desired interests.

Current undergraduate and graduate students who wish to work on campus are able to work up to two jobs according to Career Services, as long as both jobs are not Federal Work Study positions and do not exceed 20 hours. This means that if a student is eligible for Federal Work Study and works ten hours a week under that specific position, they are also eligible to apply for a non-federal work study job and work an additional ten hours. The only exception to this rule is during summer semesters and academic breaks, where students are permitted to work up to 40 hours a week.

This is especially beneficial for students who are seeking a job on campus to help pay for expenses, connect with other students on campus, acquire work experience for future resumes and sample different positions. Not only does working on campus provide networking opportunities, but it also allows students who live on campus to save money with a minor commute.

“Working on campus was a great experience for me,” said Alana Harris, an undergraduate student at UWG. “I worked as a part-time food service worker on campus and I was able to pay for several expenses such as books, supplies, and food which was really helpful. I also met a lot of nice people on campus who have now become my friends and also enjoy working on campus as well.”

Along with student assistant positions for undergraduate and graduate students, there are also student research assistant jobs. For graduate students specifically, there are graduate assistant and teaching assistant positions. All students must be taking classes for the semester in order to be eligible to work. Students are paid via direct deposit to any bank account they provide to Human Resources.

“I would definitely recommend working on campus to students who are looking for job opportunities,” said Harris. “Not only is it financially beneficial, but it is also a great way to engage with others. Working part-time has made me more focused, dedicated, and committed to my goals.”



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