UWG’s First Ever Growncoming: Coming Soon

The student service organization Passion and Positivity, also known as PAP, is hosting its first annual Growncoming on Saturday, Oct. 19, from 6-9 p.m. The event is going to be held in the Hangar Gym immediately after the homecoming football game. All students and alumni are welcomed to come, and the event is free before 7 p.m. 

“Growncoming is an idea that I’ve had for a long time,” said Cody Williams, PAP President. “This is our first time doing it, but I want it to become an annual thing.” 

Williams believes an easily accessible social event on campus is a great way to bring the alumni culture together. He wants UWG alumni and current students to feel connected and he believes that Growncoming is the event that will do so.  

Image courtesy Passion & Positivity

“I’ve seen the alumni parties in the past that were in Atlanta, which is cool. But I believe in order to reach the peak you have to do it within your city,” said Williams. “It has to feel like home, and Atlanta could never be West Georgia’s home. 

“I believe we touch the community in multiple ways. In fun ways and as well as educational and service ways,” said Williams.  

PAP also does service events with the intention to help the community. Last Christmas, PAP went out to Atlanta to give out sandwiches and blankets to the homeless. They have also done a Say No to Negativity event, which had dancers and positive speakers come and talk about mental health and how important it is to be in a good mental state. 

During these events, Wiliams saw an increase in some of the members’ confidence as they stepped out of their comfort zone to help others that needed help. This opportunity gave them a chance to not only better themselves but also help those in need. 

“I believe that West Georgia has a thriving culture that is not publicized, especially the African-American culture,” said Williams. 

PAP welcomes all people of different genders, races and religions. It believes that anybody willing to put themselves out there and make others feel good are precisely the type of people it wants in its organization.  

Williams hopes that more people will start to become more familiar with PAP, and eventually it will become a prominent organization that is viewed as a statement of West Georgia’s excellent students and alumni. 



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