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UWG’s Momentum Center is in Motion

The University System of Georgia (USG) established the Momentum Year and Momentum Approach as a suite of strategies designed to guide students in their career paths and achieve on-time degree completion. As a result, the Momentum Center was established to become a physical representation of the Momentum Approach at UWG.

The Momentum Center is located in the same building as the old health center near the UCC. Therefore, it is easily accessible for students. If any student has a question regarding UWG, graduation, or any of the student services, they can stop by the Momentum Center for an answer.

“The Momentum Center is a one-stop location for any student questions,” said Associate Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, Jennifer Jordan. “It is the resource on our campus to help students navigate our complex system, discover how their interests intersect with UWG majors, remain enrolled and reach graduation.”

Because UWG provides many different forms of services, confusion for students has been an issue in the past. The Momentum Center was designed to alleviate this stress and confusion.

“This is different from other one-stop shops at other institutions,” said Jordan.  “The Momentum Center takes on the burden of the student issue or problem and links back to the student with possible answers and solutions rather than send the student to the different offices on campus. There are multiple offices in one building so the students do not have to go to several buildings on campus because many of the key departments have a representative in one convenient building.”

The Momentum Center was not only built for students who are currently enrolled at UWG. It was also built to assist those who are interested in attending UWG as well. Anyone who is interested in attending UWG can call or visit the Momentum Center to get their questions answered about the school and campus life.

“There is a knowledgeable staff ready to provide individual attention to current and prospective students,” said Jordan. “Perspective students can work with the Momentum Center to answer questions about financial aid, housing and residence life, enrollment and connect to resources focused on life outside the classroom.”

UWG says it is elated to finally open the Momentum Center on campus and believes it will be an excellent service to the students. UWG cannot wait to watch the Momentum Center grow to help current and future students. “Our fear is missing someone who we could have helped graduate,” continued Jordan. “The Momentum Center was designed so that it can grow, and change based on our students’ needs. We need all of our Pack to know about this helpful resource on campus.”



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