Wealthy Wednesday

UWG had a new event at the school this past week called Wealthy Wednesday. It involved Primerica, a company that helps families understand their finances, coming out to speak to students encouraging them to make money that will get them to a state of wealth. 

 Primerica provides different insurance plans for families, whether it be health, dental or providing services for the elderly. The insurance plans they put together are made to be affordable for everyone so that all different types of families have a way to be provided for. The coordinator of this event was Kayedian Gayle, a student at the university.  

 “I went to my first interest meeting with Primerica about three weeks ago, said Gayle. “They have them on Monday nights, and a friend brought me out and I got interested in it. I reached out to Ed and I joined the program. I paid the $99 to get my license. Usually, to get a license, it’s about $300 to $400, but they paid most of it.” 

 When Primerica came out to speak to students, they offered a few summer jobs and internships. The Primerica businessmen hoped to give students a better idea of how the company is run with this offer.   

  The main man over the meeting, Keith Phillips, showed students two books — a book full of people who made $500,000 plus a year and a smaller book of people who were new to the company that make about $400,000 a year. This not only gave incentive to students but also showed them that if they come to work for the company, they are not getting swindled into being there with no reward.  

 “Money kind of runs the world. Some people say money is not everything, it’s not, but it’s up there with the air we breathe. We gotta have it,” said Phillips. “According to the article in USA Today, most people’s biggest fear is not having enough money as they get older. So if we can start people off when they’re young, getting an understanding of money, how money works, financial concepts, it’s only going to help them, whether they come to work for us or not.” 

 Primerica is a million dollar company that wants people of all ages to thrive, either as workers or clients.  

 “My personal hope is to get to the level of where the speakers are,” replies Gayle. “I want to be able to know so much information that I could spread it the way they did, because just the event .alone was word of mouth, just getting it out there, but I wanna be able to really drive people; that’s something I’ve always wanted to do is influence people.” 



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