What You Should About UWG’s New Security Rules

The University of West Georgia has implanted a new security feature in all of the campus housing.  

They have installed a small camera with a doorbell right next to the doors, inside the on-campus lobbies. That camera and doorbell is connected to UWG’s 24/7 control center.  If students enter the building between the hours of 4 a.m. and 8 a.m. tonight, students will find that the entrance door will be locked. The best way to enter the residence will be to press the button on the doorbell.  

Once the button is pressed a staff member from the control center will be with the student quickly and they will have a two-way conversation with the staff member located at the housing control center.  

If the student is with a group of people or has guests, the staff member will have to talk to each person individually to identify their identity. This is very similar to the same process as the front post would normally do.  

With this new procedure with on campus housing they do not want students propping open doors.  

“One of the greatest threats to the security of the residence halls is propping open outside doors after the doors have been secured,” said Andy Russell.  

This practice may permit unwanted visitors to enter the residence hall and threaten the safety of all residents in the building. For this reason, propping outside doors is strictly prohibited. If a student is caught doing this, they will be fined and disciplinary action will occur.  

If the doorbells give students any trouble, the student can always call ResSTAR at 678-839-4718 and someone will come out and assist them.  

UWG’s Housing Department has some tips when it comes to on campus safety.  

  1. Always lock your room door(s)! 
  2. Report all suspicious activity or persons to your hall staff or University Police. 
  3. Don’t leave valuables in plain sight. 
  4. Record serial numbers of electronics. 
  5. Use the buddy system after dark and/or use the campus shuttle. If you need an escort, call University Police. 
  6. Tell friends or your RA about your plans or whereabouts
  7. Report all propped doors to hall staff immediately. NEVER prop doors
  8. Never hold the door open for someone who you do not know for certain to be a resident of your building. It’s not rudeness – it’s for the safety of your community!
  9. Don’t leave personal items unattended in common spaces such as lounges.
  10. Ensure that your belongings are insured! Check to see if you are covered under a parent’s renters or homeowner’s insurance policy. If not, purchase your own renter’s policy. These can be purchased for less than $15 per month. 



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