Writing With Kameron

How often would a person believe their method of expressing feelings could be a hidden talent?

Discovering yourself while crafting skills can be a unique experience for the person at hand.

University of West Georgia student Kameron Sims discovered his talent for writing poetry while coping with some emotions from 2017. During this time he recently relocated from his hometown of Albany, GA, to Carrollton after graduating from Albany State University with an Associate Degree in Psychology.

While transitions can be tough, Kameron would write about his emotions day to day. During this time he started to dedicate himself more to writing.

“I began to get what seemed serious in 2017. I had many feelings that I had to cope with and only writing helped. I felt like I had no one else to tell so it was a good and easy way to get thoughts out,” Sims said.

This was not the first time Kameron began writing. In his middle school English class, there was a unit on poems. This is when he initially realized that he was a good writer and carried those talents to his adult life.

Now, Kameron experiments with his poetry. Gaining inspiration from my experiences, ideas of life, and realm of imagination. He enjoys combining his truth along with some imagination to create poems that have vivid imagery and relatable content to the people he shares his works with.

“I free-write much of them, and the ideas of them could be emotional, sensual, or intellectual. If I were to put it in a literary genre, I’d say romanticism because a lot of my poems are centered around the ideas of love,” Sims said.

Kameron views his poetry as more of a hobby. But, he could see himself writing books and furthering his craft. His goal is to just keep writing, although he gets into times where he stops writing, he has great ideas rolling when consistent.

He gets inspiration from poets like Shakespeare and Edgar Allen Poe. He admires how vivid in visualization and their diction within their poems. Kameron tries to carry these in his qualities into his own writing. He writes and edits as needed. His poems often receive positive feedback and he is advised to never quit writing.



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