College Students can Trick or Treat too

On All Hallows’ Eve, many come out to participate in the evening festivities. Monsters, goblins, princesses and more come alive to get their favorite candies and treats. Neighborhoods get filled with children excited to fill their bags with goodies.  

For college students, Halloween is talked about months in advance. Students put their imagination to work in developing some of the best costumes, with hopes to show them off. There are several neighborhoods around Carrollton that are college age friendly for trick or treating. These neighborhoods encourage older teens and young adults to come and participate in filling their bags up with sweets. These residents understand that college students need to have a safe place to enjoy themselves on Halloween too. 

Cottage Grove neighborhood invites all to come and participate in Halloween events. Many residents within the neighborhood bring out tables and chairs and sit at the end of their driveway to fill up children and adult’s bags with candy. You can find many of the adults living inside this neighborhood dressed up as well. They are friendly, inviting and encourage everyone to come have a great time. Many choose to park alongside the road and walk this smaller neighborhood. 

“My motto is if they put forth the effort to dress up, what is the harm in giving them candy too,” said Vickie Gleason, a resident of Cottage Grove neighborhood. 

 Larger amounts of candy are known to be given away in Oak Mountain. Oak Mountain neighborhood is another adult friendly trick or treating community. Some may find that older brothers and sisters will participate with their younger siblings, by walking them throughout the community. 

“No one goes home disappointed,” said Chelsea Church, a parent of a participant. “Some people in this neighborhood even give away whole candy bars.” 

 Residents of Millpond invite children of all ages, and young adults, to come and have a safe play to receive handfuls of candy. Millpond is located across from the Carroll County Recreation Department on Newnan Road.  

“Many kids still use their pillowcase to trick or treat,” said Tina Young, a resident of Millpond. “You can tell the college age kids apart, not only by height but by their creative ways of carrying their candy.” 

Many neighborhoods in Carrollton are open to having older kids trick or treat in their community. These residents understand that trick or treating is fun for everyone, and allowing college students to come gives them a reliable place to participate in Halloween.  



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