Discounts offered to college students in Carrollton

By Katelynn Johnson

Everyone loves discounts. They save you money, leaving a little extra for other necessities. Most college students are unable to work full time due to their class schedule, so finding local discounts can be relieving.  American Pie is a big supporter of UWG students. They offer 10% off to all current students with their ID, and they also offer fundraising events for many clubs.  “College kids love pizza,” said Catherine Westcott, an employee of American Pie. “Having a discount just makes the purchase better.” 

Other local food businesses that offer discounts to UWG students include Burger King, who give 10% off with a student ID. Some participating Subways offer various discounts such as 10% off purchases with a student ID. Tropical Joe’s Smoothies in Carrollton and Krystal also offer a discount to students. La Salsa and Mustard Seed Cafe, both located less than a mile from campus, also offer discounts to current UWG students.  

“The Mustard Seed is very student-friendly,” said Michael Perkins, Director of Mustard Seed Café. “We encourage students to come have lunch and receive 10% off their purchase, and maybe do a little homework while they are here.” 

Food businesses are not the only ones who take part in offering discounts to current college students. Express Oil Change offers discounts for oil changes to college students who show their ID. Regal Cinemas also offers a discount on ticket purchases to current college students.  

“Going to the movies is one of the few things to do in Carrollton,” said Ashley Wilson, a student at UWG. “It’s nice to know businesses realize we do not have a lot of money and offer us discounts.” 

Beyond Carrollton, there are a few more discount options available. Apple stores offer discount pricing for students, this includes Apple Music, which can be purchased monthly by college students for $4.99. Norton Anti-Virus offers up to 50% off purchases on software. FedEx offers up to 30% off on documents and 20% off on shipping and packages. State Farm offers a Good Grades discount until a student is 25. They need only to submit an official transcript. 

“I just asked,” said Wilson. “That’s how I found out about the movie theatre offering a discount.” 

College discounts are great and help hard-working students save a little cash. Not all businesses freely advertise what discounts they may offer, but it never hurts to ask what they can provide. 



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