Eins, Zwei, Drei! Oktoberfest Coming to Printer’s Ale

Carrollton’s brewery, Printer’s Ale Manufacturing Co, is gearing up for a massive Oktoberfest celebration next month. Boasting a stacked music lineup, food trucks, games and of course, plenty of beer, Printers is looking to kick of the fall season in style.

        Printer’s will have 20 different beers on tap for the celebration ranging from their four Everyday beers, and a mix of crowd favorites as well as some experimental one-off brews. Most of Printer’s beers are themed around the printing business, which is why their core beers are named after colors of a printer’s ink cartridge; Cyan (IPA), Magenta (Amber Ale), Yellow (Golden Ale) and Black (Porter). “20 different beers is by far the most we have had at any event,” said Elliott Hall, Managing Partner at Printer’s Ale. “We are also bringing back the Intaglio, which is our IPA infused with green tea and ginger, which a lot of people have been asking about.”

        The craft brewery will also rotate unique one-off brews on a timed cycle to increase variety. “Some of our special beers we will only have available for certain times,” said Hall. “We will have a certain beer from 1-2 p.m., and then swap that with a different beer at 2 p.m. and keep going like that until we have released all 20.”

        In addition to the beer, Printer’s is hosting three local bands to play music throughout the afternoon. “These sets are going to be full, stacked sets as well,” said Hall. “At our Grand Opening, we had a couple bands that just played for a little while, but we are getting full sets this time.”

        New Bocce courts and custom cornhole boards have also been put in place to give visitors something to play while they sample the craft beer. Disc golf enthusiasts can also play a three-hole disc golf course that runs along the outskirts of the property.

For visitors that had a specific beer that they liked, they have the opportunity to take some beer home. “We still sell growlers that people can bring back and have refilled with whatever beer they want,” said Hall.

Hall also has more plans for distribution of his beer. Bottled Printer’s beer may soon be coming to local package stores and supermarkets. “We are working on setting up a bottling machine, but that is still a ways off,” said Hall. “We hope to start bottling by the end of this year, but no specific date is set in stone.

The festivities will start at noon on Saturday, Oct. 7th and run until 9 p.m. “We are extending our tap room hours an extra hour so people can have more time to enjoy the festivities,” said Hall.

Beer enthusiasts can show their excitement on social media using the hashtag #PickPrinters on Twitter and Instagram.



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