Just the tip: UWG hosts Condom Bingo

With STD outbreaks being extremely common on college campuses, promoting and encouraging safe sex is very important. According to healthcentral.com each year there are almost 20 million diagnosis of STD’s in the United States and half of those diagnosed are between the ages of 15 and 24.  Two organizations wanted to make educate students on sex  by creating a game called condom bingo. 

Condom Bingo is an event that was hosted by Health services and the Kappa Kappa chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. The hostess for the event was Mary Beth Thompson. Thompson is one of the health directors at Health Services.  

With over 20 attendees, audience members were able to participate in several games of bingo, a condom race, dance party and learned the proper way to put on condom through a condom demonstration.  

Sex can sometimes be an awkward topic for some people, so to ease the mood and lighten the room Thompson encouraged the audience to participate in a fun ice breaker. She also incorporated a random dance break halfway through the event. 

Condom bingo was not played exactly like the standard way most people play bingo. Instead of their being numbers on your bingo cards there were answers to questions that Thompson would ask. Audience members had to guess the answers related to statistics and facts when it comes to sex. 

When someone would score a bingo they had the opportunity to choose from a wide selection of prizes ranging from a box of condoms, condom hats and rain ponchos.  

Thompson made sure to do a condom demonstration so students can learn how to properly put on a condom. During the demonstration she incorporated sex education by giving facts and tips on sex. 

“One thing you don’t want is for your condom to break while practicing safe sex,” said Thompson.“ 

To insure that the students in the audience were playing close attention she introduced another segment to the event, the condom race. Three audience members had to repeat her same steps and instructions and demonstrate to the audience again in the exact order.  

The event was around two hours long and over five games of bingo were played. Over 30 facts on sex related topics were mentioned. 

“This was such a cool way for students to learn more about sex and the game was really fun,” said UWG student Amadi Adams. 



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