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Mysterious Possibilities in Netflix’s New Telenovela ‘Who Killed Sara?’

Who Killed Sara? was released on Netflix on March 24 and has gained a lot of attention from mystery lovers.

The Spanish language show is a thrilling murder mystery that follows the main character Alex, played by Manolo Cardona, who is convicted of a crime he didn’t commit. Alex has recently been released from prison after serving 18 years of his 30-year sentence. He had been convicted for his sister’s “accidental” death. When he is released, Alex can only think of one thing—revenge on Rodolfo Lazcano. Alex believes Rodolfo is to blame for his sisters’ death and that it was not accidental but a murder. Things soon become complicated because of an anonymous texter that is sending Alex messages trying to convince him that Rodolfo didn’t commit the murder. Within all these events, Alex quickly starts having feelings for Elisa, played by Carolina Miranda, Rodolfo’s youngest daughter. 

Netflix knows a lot of their viewers enjoy a good murder mystery. With the addition of rich, attractive and powerful characters, it’s certain to grab viewers’ attention. The drama in this show is captivating and intriguing which led me to keep watching past the pilot. The show also has melodrama that shapes it into a telenovela that is also contemporary. There are many different characters in the show which can be hard to keep track of who is who.

I feel as though a lot of TV shows these days the audience has to get through the first show or the pilot. The ending grabs the viewers’ attention with a cliffhanger which makes the viewers want to keep watching that show. With that being said, this TV show is no exception. If a specific viewer enjoys murder mystery shows or even documentaries that follow murder mysteries, I highly recommend Who Killed Sara?

 With shows like this, the possibilities seem endless. Anyone on the Lazcano boat could have killed Sara. It is almost as if Alex himself had asked the audience to help with the mystery and we were going along and helping him. The feeling of the show is energetic and it also has a good story the audience can follow. Each actor portrays their characters well allowing a superb performance. And finally, it kept my attention right after the first episode until the very end of season one of Who Killed Sara? 



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