Open Letter From the Chief: Thanks for Everything

        This newspaper issue will be the last edition of The West Georgian this semester, and my last edition as Editor-In-Chief. As I look back on my two-and-a-half years with the newspaper, I am brought back to the great memories, great people and great lessons I have learned. 

        When I took an editor position after being a staff writer for a semester, I did not know exactly what to expect. Being a father and having a full time job, I was not sure how this little newspaper would fit into my college career. I most certainly did not expect to have as much fun as I did. I have been extremely lucky during my time with The West Georgian to work with so many great staff members, eager writers in the practicum and a number of faculty members that continuously heaped priceless advice and guidance on me. Thank you to faculty like Dr. Moon, Dr. Gant, Miss Barnes and especially Dr. Sewell for keeping a fire lit under my ass. Anytime I needed a push from behind to keep going, you along with many other faculty members (there are much too many to name) were there to spur me along. Thank you. 

        I spent every Monday and Thursday over the past two years knowing I was going to work with fantastic people who I was lucky enough to call my peers as well as my coworkers. I have seen people come and go and move on to do great things, and I am thankful and proud of all of you. Thank you Anndrea, Kate, Cassidy, Annierra, ZeNia, Nikole, Monica, Shaunna, Megan, Andrew, Dylan, Justin, Marshala and Victoria for everything you have done to help the newspaper as well as myself. Newspaper aside, I wouldn’t have gotten through this undergrad without you all keeping me sane; Thank you Bree for making the layout look amazing each and every week. Matthew and Robert: good luck my young bucks. It has been great working with you all and I know you will continue doing an amazing job as the top editors next fall, thank you for everything. 

        To all the contributing writers that either volunteered or took the newspaper practicum, thank you as well. The best memories I have from being an editor are working with the students still learning to write and helping them hone their skills. Nothing was more satisfying than spending countless hours tweaking, restructuring and cutting articles until the writer finally got it. Thank you to all the writers for putting in the extra effort and making the time spent working with you all worthwhile. 

        The collegiate press landscape is changing. Fewer and fewer college newspapers still publish and circulate a printed edition and everything is moving to up-to-the minute online website posts. It is only a matter of time before The West Georgian makes that switch and only releases a printed edition for events like Homecoming and Media day. Until then, thank you to The Times Georgian for printing our papers for us every week. 

        Thank you to all the readers for all your support, the clicks and the article shares over the years. I hope those reading my work enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed working here. I hope to come back to UWG for things like Media days and homecoming and will always look to see how the West Georgian is doing. My two years in the 84-year history of The West Georgian may not have been the most impactful to the newspaper, but they have been extremely impactful to me. 

        I do not know what my post-college career holds, but as I reflect on it I am filled with gratitude and appreciation for everything I have learned here. I hope that the readers keep reading and the writers keep writing. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for The West Georgian. Once again, thank you all for everything. 



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