Plant for the Future

The ladies of the Multicultural Greek Council and Housing & Residence Life have teamed up to present Plant For The Future, a service project to beautify campus and improve the environment, on Feb. 17. Students will be walking around various locations on campus such as in front of East Commons, Bowdon and other select grassy locations approved by facilities and grounds. Certain campus greens such as Love Valley, are restricted. 

 The Zeta Beta Chapter of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority Inc, (LTA)  brought the idea to Housing & Residence Life. Community service is an integral part of their organization. “The biggest challenge was convincing people that this was important,” said Stephanie Hernandez, UWG senior and LTA Chapter President.  ”This isn’t just your regular service opportunity, this can help better our lives, and life on campus.” LTA will be offering community service hours and t-shirts to whoever lends a helping hand, but that is not the main goal of this event. “It’s more than just service, it’s about preparing for our future,” Hernandez continued.  ”I was inspired by this quote, I saw on Pinterest, Imagine if trees gave off Wifi signals; we would be planting so many trees and we’d probably save the planet too.  Too bad they only produce the oxygen we breathe.” 

 Hernandez is also a Resident Assistant at Center Pointe Suites, which is how the partnership with Housing & Residence Life came about. “I want my residents to be proud that they were able to leave their mark on campus,” said Hernandez. The event is open to everyone, including students, staff and general public.  ”As Greeks we do a lot with other Greeks, but I want non-Greeks to be apart too. I want everyone to be a part of this, and be proud as well,” Hernandez continued. “I want people to help make West Georgia a better place, even if it’s only by digging a hole,or planting a tree, you’re leaving your mark.” 

 The Zeta Beta chapter also has plans on extending this event to other schools. “In the area meeting we were talking about doing it at other colleges. We brought it up to Kennesaw, and Georgia State,” said Hernandez. “Hopefully UGA and Emory can do it as well, it’s just a challenge. We would love to see other schools participate,” said Hernandez.   



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