Relieving Stress with the Student Activities Council

     The Student Activities Council (SAC) hosted its Annual Wrap Up Your Semester Event on Nov. 28 in the Campus Center Ballroom. This event helps students learn techniques to be stress free before finals.  

     “Every year UWG hosts this event and it’s just a way to destress before finals,” said Emily Teitelbaum, Associate Director for the Center For Student Involvement. “Lately our theme for this event has just been relaxation.” 

      The event offered a wide variety of stations for students to go to and enjoy, such as coloring book stations and hand massage stations. All of these activities are known to help introduce people to relaxation techniques. 

     “We bring in a spa company and they provide two stations of hand massages, wax treatments, an oxygen bar and foot and back massages,” said Teitelbaum. 

      Coloring books along with other arts and crafts activities are known for having the ability to focus the mind similarly to what happens during meditation. 

      “The students seem love the stress relief coloring books,” said Teitelbaum. “Some students come to the coloring station and plan to only stay there for a minute and end up spending the whole three hours. 

     “We also have comfort food, such as soups and spinach artichoke dip, and things like that,” continued Teitelbaum. “Foods likes these should also help our students to physically feel great, and also calm down. Everyone loves comfort food.” 

      Students also got to enjoy calming music to help them relax. Listening to music can have a tremendously relaxing effect on the mind and body, especially slow, quiet classical music. 

     “This event will also be a nice, quiet atmosphere for students to come get some work done as well,” said Teitelbaum. “There will also be tranquil music playing in the background.” 

      The Wrap Up Your Semester event only happens once a year, but Teitelbaum discussed how she would love to see this event more frequently. 

      “As of right now we only do this event around the time of final exams, but I would love to see UWG have this event more than just once a semester,” said Teitelbaum. Honestly college can be a very stressful experience and it is good to have events like this to remind students how important self care is.” 

     This event is one the more popular SAC events because during it students get to learn new techniques to help them relieve stress and also experience new things.  

     “I think a lot of students have never actually had a professional massage, so I think this is another great opportunity to help students relax,” said Teitelbaum.  

     The Wrap Up Your Semester Event is interactive and fun but also motivating and informative. Students all over campus are encouraged to come out and learn new ways to improve their self care.  

     “Students should definitely come out to this event, because the less anxious you are, the better you will do on your finals,” said Teitelbaum. “If you let yourself de-stress and have mindful meditation, it eases your mind and actually allows you to study better.”  

     A quick way for students to reduce stress is to carve out ten minutes during the day and acquire quiet time. Students who sit quietly and meditate are able to return back to their task more energized and better focused. 

     “We all have such busy and hectic lives, we have to remind ourselves to have quiet time, and truly give back to ourselves,” said Teitelbaum. “Self care is very important to me. Self care means to me, taking time to better myself, learn, and also be reflective while listening to podcast.”



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