Religious Mission in Carrollton

Photo Courtesy of Damani Smith

Two young women from the other side of the United States, Sister Bacon and Sister Nguyen, are visiting Carrollton to meet new people and spread the word on their religion. They can often be found in the Ingram Library here at the University of West Georgia.

Nguyen met two missionaries back in her hometown in Utah and adopted her faith after taking lessons from the missionaries. Bacon was raised in church when she was younger and learned on her own whether or not this was her way of life.

“Our mission is to help people strengthen their faith in Christ. We help people strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ by teaching them about repentance, baptism and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost,” said Bacon.

“Everything our mission savors on is our faith in Jesus Christ,” Nguyen adds.

Bacon is from Las Vegas, while Nguyen is from Sandy, Utah. Sister Bacon has been in Carrollton since October, letting it be known she is familiar with the area.

“I love it out here! It’s super awesome, and I love to travel throughout the state of Georgia.” said Bacon. “We are called to serve in the Atlanta area. It’s always neat to move around and experience the culture and the people and how much they love life and God here, especially in the South. We’ve both been missionaries for a year and a half, eighteen months, so we stay in Carrollton anywhere from about six weeks to six months. My mission began at Kennesaw State University, prior to me visiting Peachtree City. I then traveled to Conyers, followed by Auburn, AL, and now I’ve ended up here.

“That’s hard to answer because every area, it’s something different,” continued Bacon. The people is what makes every area so great, because you can truly create your own family, even people that aren’t members of the church.”

If anybody was looking for a church family, out in Carrollton, the girls will be more than happy to have new members join in with them. They are very polite and welcoming. These young ladies have a few words they want everyone to hear, no matter what their beliefs or religious background is.

“I think the legacy is what I want people to remember that the savior in Jesus Christ is there and that he is their Lord and savior and loves them no matter what,” Bacon said.

“I would say when you meet someone for the first time is that they do not believe what we say based on our own testimonies, but the act and think for themselves based on what our Heavenly Father wants for us,” chimes in Nguyen.



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