Student-run open mic nights a hit

A local has hosted several open mic events this semester, and is planning more for the future. The event is not focused on one genre on music or comedy; it is a mixed bag of all sorts of acts. There is music, monologues, things that will make you laugh, make you sad or make you think. Free food and drinks are available at the events for all who attend. 

The promoter and host of the open mic nights, known as SE7EN, did not start this tradition to make money. “I’m doing this for the people,” said SE7EN. “Even when I make it big, my entertainment isn’t going to be for the purpose of making money off people. That should not be the reason behind why an event is held.” 

The events are more than just people showcasing their skills. They showcase a wide variety of skill, art and expression. Some of the most memorable acts for SE7EN may not be what most would expect to find at a college student open mic night. “There was one guy who was dealing with a lot of personal issues,” said SE7EN. “He just wanted to go out there, speak his mind and get things off his chest. He was up there speaking for a full 15 minutes.” 

The most recent event was held Thursday, Feb. 9. The next event does not have a set date, but SE7EN is looking to hold it sometime between spring break and finals week. “The best surprise of all has been the turnout at the events,” SE7EN explained. “There must have been 50 people at the very first one. It started as a little open mic night and it just turned into one big party. 

SE7EN hopes he can continue the tradition of events like this long throughout his college career. “I have always been an entertainer to serve the people,” he elaborated. “ I do not want to entertain like other people. I do not want people to have to worry about money, or being hungry or thirsty. I just want them to come enjoy themselves and make a good memory.” 

For more information you can follow SE7EN on twitter @thesevenstory and you can check out his YouTube Channel The Conscious Entertainment 



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