Taylor Blessett, The West Georgian

The College Park Skyhawks host UWG Day

 In honor of UWG Day, the College Park Skyhawks honor their new partnership with UWG in a team match-off with the North Carolina Greensboro Swarm, G-League Basketball Team on March 6 at the Arena in College Park.

April Wood, Executive Director for Student Involvement and Inclusion, partnered with UWG to pre-purchase tickets for students that choose to go. Students that wished to attend could enjoy the game, food, free UWG t-shirts and entertainment.

“The Institution has purchased tickets for students to attend the basketball game and to partake in pregame and postgame activities that students can participate in,” says Woods. “Students get to participate in meet and greets with the players of the College Park Skyhawks and have their pictures taken as well.

“This event had a lot to do with getting our students involved with different communities that surround Carrollton,” continued Wood. “We offer sports management degrees and are currently working on offering our masters sports management degree as well and we want our students to understand the importance of communication and business so we thought this event would be a great way to mix sports with business.”

             Students can network with professionals and gain hands-on learning experience on the business side of sports. This event highlights the importance of involving students with events surrounding Carrollton and how important it is that students are provided with resources outside of UWG and into their community. This event encourages students to take opportunities outside what may be their comfort zones and tap into different communities.

“The whole point of everything that we are doing is to allow our students to get out and get into the things that are happening in our communities,” says Wood. “We have to start thinking about how to get students to connect with more professionals, businesses and organizations because sports is a very important business.”



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