The Grand Journey: West Georgia Outdoors’ trip to the Grand Canyon this November

UWG is having its first ever trip to the Grand Canyon this Thanksgiving. West Georgia Outdoors (WGO) will be taking eight students and three trip leaders on one of the largest trips that this program has led. Students will have a great opportunity to visit one of the natural wonders of the world.


            “The Grand Canyon is arguably the most awe inspiring area in the country,” said senior staff member of WGO Jared Ashley. “Due to size, remoteness, and overall beauty it attracts even the most novice outdoorsman. Giving students the chance to live within the canyon for a week could easily be one of their highlights through college.”


            WGO chose the Grand Canyon because of the life changing impact it could have on the student’s career. Spending a day overlooking the canyon seems incredible in itself, but UWG wanted to one up that by giving students the opportunity to camp and be a part of the canyon. A lot of preparation will go into this trip including packing necessities and training for elevation fluctuations. It is also an extensive commute that will be well worth the drive once arrived at the beauties of the canyon.


            “The trip itself will take nine days total from leaving campus to returning,” said Ashley. “We will be loading up and hitting the road on November 17 to start our 24-hour drive to Arizona.”


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            “I believe that any outdoor activity can help students realize what they are capable of,” said Ashley. “Not only do they go through some self-realization but I’ve also seen members of these trips become very close friends within the time spent together.”


            In addition to experiencing the greatness of the Grand Canyon, it is also about self-development and bonding among peers. This trip will give students a better understanding of the natural world and open their minds to maintaining a healthy environment so that sceneries like the Grand Canyon can prosper. Students can sign up now to be a part of this journey and attend pre-trip meetings on Nov. 6 and 13 to get to know fellow group members and leaders.



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