UWG Exhibition Game

The West Georgia Wolves men’s basketball team won their opening season exhibition game 116-81 Nov. 2 against the Carver Cougars, a college team out of Atlanta.

Starting out slow, the Wolves began to build up momentum against the Cougars and managed to maintain a large lead throughout the game. By the end of the first half the Wolves led 62-42. Returning junior basketball player Aren Ulmer shared his excitement about the game and the upcoming season.  

“This was definitely the most fun I’ve had during a game throughout the three years I’ve played for West Georgia,” said Ulmer. “The crowd was really into the game. I feel like that motivated us to play to our fullest potential.”

            3-point Specialist and freshman guard Ray Reeves was also pleased with the team’s showing in the exhibition game. Reeves converted on three 3-point shots in the first half along with junior Jack Shaughnessy, who also scored a 3-point shot in the first half of the game.

“We played very up tempo, pushing the ball, running the other team as best we could, and scored a lot of points,” said Reeves.

“It was a great win. We expected a lot of energy during the game, and we definitely got that from the team as well as the crowd,” said Shaughnessy.

Alex (1)                        Out of the 15 players on the UWG Men’s basketball team, eight of them are freshmen. Greg James scored 11 points in the first half of the game, including one 3-point, and four points in the second half. Ray Reeves executed three, 3-pointers in the first quarter and three fouls shots in the second half. Carson Culverhouse, scored seven points in the second half. Steven Ross scored six points in the first half and five points in the second half. Deng Nhial made one 3-point shot in the second half and Ovie Magbegor scored four points overall. Jordan Mount made four points in the last few minutes of the game. Glenn Robinson showed out in the last few minutes of the game, making two slam dunks. This sealed the deal for a 35 point win over the Cougars.

“We definitely have a lot left to learn considering we only have two returning starters,” said Robinson. “I will say we had way more positives than negatives throughout the game. I’m eager to see the turnout of this year’s season.”

“As an upper classman it makes me proud to see our freshmen play at such a high level this early in the season,” said Ulmer.

These four athletes agreed that the exhibition game was a good first step in showing their ability to play as a team and provide a progressive measure stemming from last year’s losing season.

“We know that the sky’s the limit with this team, and we have tons of talent to bring to the court this year,” said Ulmer.

The Wolves had a great preseason showing for this year’s talent and execution as a team striving to make a positive transformation in UWG men’s basketball. The first official game will be held Sat. Nov. 11 against Miles College in Cleveland, TN.



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