Will G-Town Wings and Teriyaki be next?

G-Town Wings and Teriyaki is the new restaurant at 1302 Maple St., within walking distance from the University of West Georgia. 

 “The ‘G’ in G-Town stands for Georgia,” said Sam Lin, owner of the restaurant. 

Several food companies have rented out this particular building before. For example, American Deli and Klucked Up Café was there before G-Town Wings and Teriyaki. No one knows why there is a different restaurant renting the building every six to nine months. Is it because the restaurants are not getting enough customers to pay the rent? The lease price is $4,400 per month which can be very difficult to pay if the customers are not flowing in. Lin explained how he does not expect for his business to close down anytime soon. Lin grew up with his parents owning a restaurant where he learned everything he needed to keep up a business. 

 “We offer fast service with a smile at affordable prices,” said Lin. “Our food is also good which will keep the customers coming.” 

 According to the business brochure, they have the best wings and teriyaki in town. Lin explained how the variety of food items being sold in the restaurant will help keep the business open. Not only does the restaurant sell wings, they serve food items such as fried rice, chicken tenders, seafood and more. 

 “Our service is good, and our food is fresh,” said Lin. “We have everything from traditional teriyaki plates to delicious burgers, philly sandwiches, hamburgers and gyros.” 

 G-Town Wings and Teriyaki has several different flavors to choose from for their wings. “Our restaurant has a lot of sauces to choose from such as honey garlic pepper, cajun, honey mustard and more,” said Lin. “All of our sauces are homemade.” 

 The restaurant is very large inside. When looking at the building from the outside you would think there would not be enough room to actually sit down and eat. The building is actually 2,600 square feet and can seat up to 64 people depending on how the inside is put together. G-Town Wings and Teriyaki has three flat screen televisions inside their spacious dining area. 

 “We want our customers to feel comfortable and enjoy their time while eating our food,” said Lin. 

 One thing about the restaurant is that it has limited parking. The restaurant offers a total of 36 parking spaces, but majority of them are behind the restaurant. Having majority of the parking spaces located in the back will cause customers to walk further to get into the restaurant. G-Town Wings and Teriyaki is usually packed with people during the week.  G-Town Wings and Teriyaki can make a difference in the Carrollton community by continuing to please the customers and making sure they make enough money to keep the business open. 

 During the week-days, the restaurant opens at 11 a.m. and closes at 10 p.m., Saturday from noon to 10 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 9 p.m.  

 “We are very happy to be the serving Carrollton community,” said Lin. “Hopefully people can spread the word about how good our food is so more customers can come.”



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