Campus career services opening doors for students

        UWG Career Services have been organizing job fairs and events for students making the transition to professional life. These events include customer service training and an education fair on Feb. 21, Emergency Preparedness and Risk Management training on Feb. 28 and many more events scheduled throughout the year. Any student can use Career Services, as well as attend the job fairs they hold throughout the year. The job fairs include opportunities from local businesses around Carrollton as well as other companies in the state. Many on campus employers are also in attendance at these job fairs with the same goal of helping students get jobs. 

        Career Services also works towards helping graduating students get jobs. Career Services knows that one thing students worry about the most is getting a job after they leave school and they work to get through that phase. In doing so, they provide great opportunities for jobs dealing with student’s major and other interests.  

        “We have helped hundreds of students including alumni find a place in the workforce,” said Kyzia Wint, Website and Technology Assistant for Career Services.  

        Job fairs are not the only thing that Career Services does to help students. Career Services also helps with resume building for those who do not have a proper resume. They will sit down to help build and improve student resume to ensure they are putting their best foot forward. Career Services provided mock interviews which helps students get a feel on what to wear, how to behave and what kind of questions to prepare for. Career Services also provide a question and answer opportunities with business owners so students can have their questions answered about what to expect in the job world. These talks with business owners, resume building and the mock interviews are just some of the many ways the career services are trying to help students. 

        Career Services are easy to get in touch with and happy to help. Their office is located in Row Hall on the third floor and they are open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Career Services can be reached via phone, email or by walk-in appointment.



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