Printer’s Ale Hosts Oktoberfest for Carrollton Community

     Printer’s Ale hosted their first ever Oktoberfest celebration on Sept. 23.
     Oktoberfest is the traditional celebration for the upcoming harvest in Germany and occurs annually in late September and early October. This celebration, focused around food, beer and music, has become a popular event in the U.S. in recent years and has now made its way into Carrollton as well.
     The lead up to the celebration took weeks to prepare for. Once the day had arrived the entire Printer’s Ale crew had to get out early, set up tents and tables for the day and prepare for the hundreds of visitors that they were anticipating.
     “We have been here since 10 a.m. setting everything up for Oktoberfest and things are just getting started,” said Alexandra Cescutti, a Printer’s Ale employee working the open tap at the Printer’s Ale Oktoberfest. “Several hundred people have showed up today and more are still coming.”
     The celebration was full of live music from several bands, cuisine from numerous food trucks and open beer taps featuring a variety of Printer’s Ale originals. The brewery also released five new Oktoberfest beers throughout the evening hours.
     The festivities also included outside seating, numerous lawn games and stein holding contest. Tours of the brewery were given by Nick Moran, the brewery’s manager. The tour included information of the founding of Printer’s Ale, introduced Pam, the brewery’s “cat on duty”, and gave the audience a tour of where all the magic happens.
     “This door where all the barley is held is called Pam’s office,” said Moran, Printer Ale’s Brewery Manager, “She is the mascot of the brewery on the t-shirt that we wear here at Printer’s Ale. She isn’t just a cute face. She actually has a job to do and because of her, we can say that the place is free of rodents, mice or anything like that because barley can sometimes attract rodents and we obviously don’t want that.”
     Printer’s Ale also placed in a competition for America’s best-tasting beer as a part of the Oktoberfest celebration.
    “We actually just won a bronze medal for our Belgian-strong beer called, the Red Devil,” said Moran. “There were over 45 contestants in this category alone. It is a big competitive competition and the winners chosen are very selective. That means that we came in third place overall for the best beer in America. This is actually the first medal that we have ever received, so I am very proud.”
     The Red Devil was the drink of the day for the Oktoberfest celebration, and it will continue to be on tap at the Printer’s Ale Brewery for those who are interested in trying out the brewery for a good time and a good taste.
     “We will continue to have Oktoberfest,” said Moran, “Today was special because we brought out the food trucks and live music. But anyone is welcome to continue celebrating Oktoberfest here at Printer’s Ale for the next few weeks. There are so many new beers on tap to try. We love when the community comes out to see us.”



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