Sammy strikes again

A new bar will be opening up soon near the University of West Georgia for both students and the community. Sammy, the local business owner, currently owns three stores; the University Chevron, Sammy’s Midnight Grill and Sammy’s Corner Store. Both the University Chevron and Sammy’s Midnight Grill are located on Maple St. Sammy’s Corner Store, which is his newest store, is located on Cunningham Dr., even closer to campus. Sammy’s Corner Store opened in September of 2016.  

 “I go there almost every day,” said Deborah Barner, senior at UWG. “All of Sammy’s stores are very beneficial for students, especially for the ones who don’t have a car. “Each store has very cheap stuff that any student would want to buy,” Deborah continued. “Almost every time I visit, I spend about 5 minutes in the store because he has a lot of items to choose from at a low price.” 

 The owner makes sure to sell a variety of products in order to keep a booming business.  

“We provide whatever the students need,” said Sammy, the business owner. “We also have great prices so the college students are able to buy the items with no problem.” 

Sammy plans on opening his new business next month. “I will be expanding the midnight grill,” said Sammy. “I plan on making the new building into a bar.” Sammy believes this is a good idea because the students would not have to travel far to purchase alcohol. Even though there is a liquor store already opened on the same street he is building his bar, Sammy still feels like students would visit his store frequently. The business owner builds connections with the students which help with his businesses. He also understands how the students are in college and have budgets. 

 “Sammy can be a very nice person,” said Deborah. “I like how he gives away simple things to new customers to keep them wanting to come back to the store for more.” 

For over five years, the owner only owned one store, the University Chevron. The business owner was able to make a lot of revenue from the store. By the middle of 2016, he was able to buy out a store that is located next to the gas station, Sammy’s Midnight Grill. The business owner, wasted no time.  

 “The struggle is the meaning of life,” said Sammy.  

 He uses that saying to motivate himself to remain successful while owning his different stores. 

Sammy explained how owning several businesses can be difficult at times. “I’m not able to get a lot of rest anymore,” said Sammy. “Trying to maintain the different stores can be hard work because I have to make sure I have enough help.”  

 Sammy also discussed how being a successful business owner is a blessing. “I’m thankful because I’m able to support my family,” said Sammy. “I’m just glad I’m successful with what I do.” 



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